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Trusted Team
Every single day – we take a stand for our clients. As expert real estate strategists - we simply won’t do the deal unless it’s a great deal and you are completely happy.
Powerful Ideas.
The success of your sale or purchase will depend on the quality of the ideas used to ensure you get the best results.
Back Pocket Listings
Before we post your home on the open market, we check our buyer database. We have created very successful sales through our large database of home buyers.
Your own team of specialists
Imagine having a team of highly experienced real estate agents at the top of their game (with unrivalled local knowledge) working their butts off to sell your property for your dream price.
Stay updated and informed
Selling your home is a big decision, so you deserve a real estate agent who not only keeps you updated and informed, but also makes themselves available to answer questions whenever you need them.
Tailored marketing campaigns
In an overcrowded marketplace, it’s essential to stand out. That’s why our marketing campaigns are tailored to meet your individual needs and maximize your property’s exposure.


What our Clients say about ACEAKL

Terima kasih kepada En Shah, bukan sahaja bantu jual rumah kami dalam tempoh tidak sampai sebulan, beliau juga bantu kami selesaikan isu pertukaran hakmilik yang tak pernah selesai sejak kami beli rumah ni 6 tahun lepas
by Puan Marhana & En Firdaus
Saya minta cik Atikah tolong urus sampai tenant selesai urusan masuk rumah ya , cik Atikah memang terbaik senang berurusan terima kasih 👍🏻
by Tuan Nazman
Terima Kasih banyak pada En Jamil kerana bantu dalam urusan penjualan hartanah saya. Setakat ini sudah 5 hartanah terjual dengan harga yang menarik melalui aceakl. Urusan yang mudah dan cepat. Alhamdulillah..
by Puan. Sabariah

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